Case Study: E.ON Candidate Opinion Survey


Energy company E.ON were receiving approximately 9000 applications from graduates annually which means they were also turning away huge numbers. As an organisation whose candidates are also potential customers, they were keen to ensure that they were leaving their applicants with a positive opinion of the organisation, and that their process was being delivered as efficiently as possible.

Our Approach:

We tailored the survey to E.ON's process and adapted some scales to tie-in with their existing internal measures of performance. Mendas then sent the survey to all of E.ON's candidates, both successful and unsuccessful, and within a couple of weeks, had the data ready to present back to them.


E.ON has used the Candidate Opinion Survey for the last two years running with their graduate applicant population. Such is the appreciation for the survey that of just over 9,000 invitations to complete the survey sent out last year, more than 1,200 responded – a response rate most marketers would kill for!

They are currently comparing the results of these to see whether changes they made after the first year of doing it have made any difference to the opinions of their most recent intake. After the first survey it found, for instance, that an apparently innocent question, asking if job-seekers had a driving license, was sifting many of them out unnecessarily, frustrating many applicants.

E.ON have also used the feedback gained to provide evidenced feedback to suppliers further up the chain, in order to ensure they are gaining the best service possible from them too.

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