Case Study: Petrochemical Company Assessment Centre

Our client who is a global petrolchemical company, invited Mendas to design and deliver an assessment centre for senior positions within the business. These were business critical positions and required a bespoke design that would engage candidates, enable them to fully demonstrate their skills, whilst at the same time, providing a valid and robust platform for reliable assessment.

We began the process by investing time in understanding the client context, the strategic objectives of their business and demands and requirements of the senior role. By focusing on the key attributes that drive outstanding performance in the business (such as skill, will, behaviour and personality), we worked with the client to differentiate outstanding performers from the average - both now and in the future. This was vital as the client wanted to select someone who could not only operate immediately at a senior level, but had the potential to move up to become a Director.

Participants were shortlisted and successful candidates were invited to complete Facet5 Audition, the Swift Analysis Aptitude Test and then attend a full day assessment centre. The centre was designed to be bespoke for the organisation and to be sufficiently robust for future selection.

Participants went through a rigorous and engaging process of assessment including a group negotiation exercise, a stakeholder management role play, an interview and also completed a business case study. Each exercise was scored by one of four trained assessors and the results shared and final scores agreed in a wash-up session.

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