Assessment for Promotion

In the contexts of talent management and succession planning, we need to make decisions as to who to promote and when. These decisions are key as they will play a big part in how the business grows and evolves in the longer-term to meets its strategic objectives.

Mendas can help you with this daunting task. We’re aware of the worries. Maybe you have two or three team members who are excelling in their current roles - but how can you be sure the new pressures of a more senior position won’t be too much for them? New skills, new expectations - it’s always a big jump!

We’ll provide assessments that assuage any anxieties you might have, by looking at:

  • Drive and motivation
  • Cognitive capability
  • Competencies
  • Values and attitudes
  • Working style

You can be sure you’ll like the results. We’ll use a mix of interviews, psychometric tests and interactive simulations to get a reliable and informed idea of a candidate’s abilities, before you have to make any final decisions around who you promote.

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