Assessment for Recruitment

This is where we make sure you select the very best talent.

With our help, you’ll find the best qualities in the best people - team members who will be instrumental in the growth of your company.

But how?

Well, we work with very precise scientific principles and apply them to your company’s specific needs, like so:

  1. Get to know your business - We’ll work closely with you to build a deeper understanding of your business culture. This way, we’ll know the distinct qualities you want and need.
  2. Psych profiling - Not as scary as it sounds! This is simply looking at a job role and creating tailored exercises that will help you discern any candidate’s suitability.
  3. No time wasted - If you’ve got a lot of candidates, our pre-assessment helps them pre-screen themselves online. You can be sure that everyone who makes it to the subsequent assessment center is already a very good fit.
  4. Showcasing real ability - Once we have a condensed shortlist of truly engaged, high potential applicants, candidates are invited to the assessment centre. In every case the assessment centre is uniquely designed to promote and bring about real behaviour so we can assess how each candidate deals with a simulated challenge which is realistic to the world they would be working in.

  5. Four simple steps to gaining ideal candidates.

    It’s all down to finding out more about the applicants:


    Have they got the technical competence and expertise for the job?


    Do they have the right attitude, aptitude and mindset to fit your business?


    How do they like to work, are they adaptable and how do they cope with pressure?


    Are they going to get along with your team and be a positive presence?

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