Candidate Feedback

From basic written reports to in-depth, face-to-face sessions, we offer a range of options for the provision of candidate feedback. This feedback can be integral to both recruitment and talent management programmes. But why bother? Well, we think candidate feedback actually matters, and here are just some of the reasons why...

In a recruitment context:
  • It engages candidates and puts them at the heart of things, rather than feeling that they are being put through an impersonal process
  • Providing a positive candidate experience can help improve Employer Brand, even when the candidate is unsuccessful in securing a role
  • It helps candidates feel they are getting some value from the process they are involved in
In a talent management context:
  • Providing a positive candidate experience can help improve employee engagement
  • It helps convey key messages by drawing information together and distilling out what is really important in somebody's development

How we approach the provision of candidate feedback is also important to us, and we have some clear principles in mind:

  • We won't pull any punches. If something needs to be said and we are clear why we're saying it, we will say it. We don't believe it's in anybody's interest, least of all the candidate's, to dress up challenging or negative messages
  • We want the feedback to be constructive; messages are framed in the context of what can be done to address a development area, rather than leaving the candidate wondering what they can do about what they've been told
  • We focus feedback on its implications in the workplace. We therefore take an assessment finding out of its assessment context, and make it more meaningful to the individual, by considering what the finding means in the world at large.

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