High Potential Identification

Whether you’re hiring or promoting, the most important quality to be able to spot in someone is po-tential. That alone demonstrates how they’ll be able to grow and develop in the future.

When we assess this in someone, we set them apart from their experience, knowledge and skills - to us, that’s reflective of their past, whereas potential indicates their future.

Our research has bought up two different traits of real potential:

  1. Not restricted by structure - If there’s a hierarchical block in the way of their aims, they’ll work to get themselves involved. Others will simply admit defeat
  2. Adaptable to new ways of thinking - A step upwards in business can totally change an individual’s environment. Certain people can cope with it and apply themselves, demonstrating the necessary cognitive capacity.

Our assessments work around these ideas, seeking to identify these traits in candidates. Using work simulation exercises, we look to discover more about an individual’s

  1. Self awareness
  2. Courage
  3. Curiosity
  4. Integrity

Case Studies

Identifying High Potential Nurse Graduates. Click here to learn more

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