Individual Profiling

For your company to run as smoothly and effectively as you want it to, every individual needs to be hitting their stride and delivering their best work.

Using a mix of psychometric tests, interviews and realistic simulations, we’ll give you a well rounded breakdown of any individual’s;

  • Drive and motivation
  • Ability and skills
  • Values and attitudes
  • Working style

You’re left with a comprehensive idea of their strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.

It’s designed for Middle Managers, Senior Managers and Executives, but this method isn’t just great for the individual development profiling, it is of course hugely beneficial for the organisation as well.

We're able to:

  • Identify an individual’s suitability to a particular role
  • Help make informed recruitment decisions – especially when the stakes are high
  • Provide an independent view
  • Reduce the risk of wrong hiring decisions
  • Assist with the smooth running of succession planning
  • Guide on tough promotion decisions
  • Provide in-depth feedback to help anyone’s development

When we’re done, we hand you a detailed report and debrief, leaving you equipped to make the right choice and take another important step forward.

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