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Self-help, it seems, is the saviour of 21st century life. Walk into any bookshop and you’ll see row upon row of books all devoted to telling you how you can perform better – be that in life generally, or in things like job interviews, written exams, or other forms of assessment. But really, can it be this easy?

No!! You only have to think back to your last job interview to know that no book can quite prepare you for the nervous adrenaline, and the tightness and sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, that going for a real interview brings.

That’s why we believe the best thing employers can do for candidates is allow them to practice some of the real tests you’ll be giving them in advance.

We know that the more candidates are able to familiarise themselves with the assessment process, the more they’ll be able to demonstrate their potential. We also know that – deep down – this is really what employers want.

Our practice assessments offer candidates the opportunity to gain valuable advice on areas that they should be considering when attending an assessment centre.

Practice doesn’t just level things out for candidates: it works in your favour too. We’ve seen it increase the diversity of applicants, attracting people that might otherwise be put off, and we’ve seen it ensure you don’t just get people apply who are ‘serial assessment day specialists.’

The days of selection being about seeing who deals with ‘trick’ situations is (thankfully, in our opinion), long gone! We’ll not only nurse candidates into how they can use assessments to best demonstrate their skills, but we’ll also encourage them to reflect on the decision-making they took during mock tests, to see where they might be going wrong.

The better candidates are prepared, the less anxious they are, the better they perform, and the happier employers are - because they know they’ve picked the best. If ever there was a cliché that was true, it’s this. Practice does ‘make perfect’.

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