Psychometric Profiling

There are a lot of tests out there - some you probably know and some you may well never have heard of.

We can turn our expert hand to any of them, but the one we believe in for assessment and
selection is Facet5.


Facet5 is a profiling tool we use to evaluate behavioural traits and interpersonal skills.

It’s just an added string to your bow when it comes to reviewing potential candidates - something extra to make your life easier.

It’s great because. . .

  • It’s not chosen at random, it’s designed to be used in the workplace
  • It works - candidates instantly identify with their profile
  • It’s user-friendly and understandable
  • Results are clear
  • It’s jargon-free
  • It doesn’t churn out data, it gives you meaningful results and explanations
  • It doesn’t only help hiring - it supports the new placement for the first three months
  • It helps the candidate understand how they’ll fit into the business culture
  • It allows the line manager to effectively engage with their new colleague from day one

Facet5 Audition

Transforming selection and recruitment into a science...

Audition removes the ‘guess work’ around recruitment, talent identification and succession planning decisions.

Audition determines a candidate’s fit for a role, team and, importantly, the culture of the organisation. The candidate report provides helpful information on how personal attributes may help or hinder the success of an individual once in the role, the team and your organisation.

  1. Create the Role Template
  2. Using Audition you establish exactly what your organisation really wants from the individual and the role. Together, you create the ideal role template for the job.

  3. Match the Candidates
  4. Each candidate completes a 15 minute online questionnaire based on the Facet5 personality measure. Each candidate’s profile is then automatically matched against the role template; thus identifying the best candidates, highlighting strengths and vulnerabilities for each.

  5. Design the Interview
  6. At the click of a button, Audition generates an interview guide, with questions designed to explore precise behaviours and competencies relating to the job role.

Case Studies

Luxury Hotel Assessment Centre. Click here to learn more

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