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Is life really so complicated? We think not. In fact we think it boils down to one simple thing: attraction. It's attraction that determines who we want to be our partners in life, and it's this that makes us gravitate to some companies more than others.

OK, so we can't help you find love, but when it comes to knowing what draws people to companies, we can definitely make you stand out and help engage potential employees to your brand. We can ensure you not only woo the best people to be around you, but we've got a pretty good idea that in doing so, it'll be you they call back, and not any other rivals for their affections. Our method? It's what we call our 'Brand Engagement Games'.

It all started a few years ago. RBS wanted to stand out from the noise at careers fairs and engage members of the public who had previously not considered a career with them. But they also wanted a certain 'type' of person to visit its stand – more of the sort of people it needed at the time: actuaries. So, we devised a game that comprised elements we knew 'numbers people' would love – number sequences, tables of data, games that involved digesting sums – all set in a futuristic concept (of course). It wasn't just finger in the air stuff. It was based on understanding the specific roles RBS wanted to fill, and devising a game that made sure the people they wanted were inquisitive by what they saw. As well as being light-hearted and engaging, it gave potential candidates a snapshot of what a role as an actuary at RBS would involve. The stand had a great response and RBS tell us it really worked for them. Our expertise in selection and assessment also allowed us to ensure the scoring of the games meant that the high-fliers could swiftly be identified.

Since then we've developed something of a niche, developing games for a range of clients in different industries including Clifford Chance and E.ON, with games ranging from filling up a paddling pool with plastic letters to correctly answering questions and having players throw hoops around sticks to win prizes. To promote the opportunities on offer at CIMA (the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), we designed 'It's a Knock-Out'-style events, allowing individuals to go away from the stand with a positive impression of the organisation.

Key Benefits


Work should have some play so the format of the games are flexible depending on budgets and space available. Past games we've designed have ranged from been physical and outdoors to reflective cognitive tasks for careers stands.

Off-the-shelf or Bespoke

As the games are designed to ensure they represent what your organisation and brand represent, each game is bespoke and designed specifically for you.

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