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E-learning. It’s more cost-effective and practical than getting your workforce onto a training course half way across the country/world, but selecting the right package for your organisation can be a bit tricky.

As an organisation you have two options. The first of these is an off-the-shelf solution - pre-designed learning courses which can be purchased by any organisation based on your need. Being off-the-shelf, these aren’t tailored to your needs so the second option is to create your own bespoke e-learning platform. However, whilst having the advantage of being bespoke and unique to your needs, setting up a platform from scratch can be very costly and time consuming to develop.

At Mendas, we have created a Build Your Own e-Learning tool which allows you to pick and choose different features and formats, and pull these together to build your own platform.

The system is an online shell which allows organisations to create bespoke assessments, choosing both the question and response format, and the specific content. What this means is that you can use the shell to create your own e-learning platform but not have to incur the high costs of creating this from scratch.

Key Benefits

The tool provides:


This is an online shell which has the flexibility to host multiple formats depending on your requirements. Information can be presented to delegates in video, audio and text format.

Off-the-shelf or Bespoke

Being a "Build Your Own" tool, you can create a mix of bespoke or off-the-shelf learning tools. You can also include information you have already developed and include this in the system.

The system can be branded to ensure the appearance is consistent with your existing career's website or other online portals.

Find Out More

To see an example of the system in use, please access the following link and see first-hand the system's flexibility:


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