Build Your Own Promotion Readiness Questionnaire


For organisations looking to use an on-line psychometric or ability tests, there are limited options available.

How do you decide whether you're ready to apply for promotion? How do you know if you're ready? You picture a role at the grade above and think you could do the job, but do you know how you measure up against the required criteria?

The Promotion Readiness Questionnaire is a bespoke questionnaire customised to your organisation's competency/assessment framework. For each competency a number of questions are asked of you and your line manager (and perhaps others who have knowledge of your strengths and experience) encouraging you to consider and reflect how much experience you have of demonstrating the key behaviours required at the next grade, and how strong your examples are.

Your responses are then scored and the results presented back to you, to allow you to have an open and honest conversation with your manager about where you each think you are in terms of your career progression.

The questionnaire asks you to record your examples as you do the questionnaire so that when you have that conversation, you have all your evidence to hand to discuss.

In turn, if you decide you are ready to apply for promotion, having gone through the Promotion Readiness Questionnaire will make completing an application form, or preparing for an interview that much easier, as most of the work will already be done.

Key Benefits


On-line, desktop software or paper-based questionnaire

Off-the-shelf or Bespoke

Yes – fully bespoke

Yes – can be branded

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