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Ever get the feeling that students, graduates, and sometimes even seasoned professionals, are scatter-gunning the market with their CVs; firing them off in all different directions, hoping some will stick, and that they’ll adapt to that job (just to get one) – even though it’s not really ‘them’?

This is what our clients have recently started to tell us. They worry – quite rightly – that the state of the jobs market is making many people apply for jobs they are not really suited to. That’s bad news for employers. No employer we’ve ever talked to wants to hire people who don’t really want to be there.

So we decided something needed to be done. Our ‘Build Your Own Self-Selection Tool’ aims to give people as much information as possible about your organisation and the job you are recruiting for – before they decide to apply.

The aim is to give them more of a picture of what they’ll end up doing, discouraging those who are sitting on the fence. It will tell them if their preferences, interests and attributes suit your business/industry, and it will encourage them to apply if they’ve truly ‘got what it takes’.

Key Benefits

In a sense, this is a tool that allows people to ‘self-diagnose’. Very quickly, our tool will create a picture about a role or sector. It will deter those on the margins –those people who may simply have applied, but were always half-hearted.

We believe it will eliminate significant numbers of time-wasting applicants from applying altogether – leaving you with just the people you need. These are the people for whom this test confirms, and strengthens, their already-present natural interest.

This is a pre-screening tool that we’re confident can dramatically impact both the quantity and quality of applicants. And, best of all, it’s a tool where people feel they’ve self-affirmed their suitability. You haven’t had to ram it down their throats. They feel they’ve won - and you’ve definitely won too. Could it be a win-win situation? We think so!


It appears as a series of online questions. Working with you, we’ll develop a series of propositions that are upfront about challenging people and their preconceptions about a job, asking them why they might be attracted to it, what they should expect if they decide to pursue this career, and whether they are suited to this. We can also use the site as an opportunity to provide additional resources and information to help people get a rounded picture of the job role or your organisation.

Off-the-shelf or Bespoke

Fully bespoke, we will work with you to determine the information which should be included to have the most impact for your organisation.

Find Out More

See an example of a tool we created for Jaguar Land Rover who wanted to help possible applicants reflect on how well suited they might be to an engineering apprenticeship. For this client, it was also important to encourage people from a diverse range of backgrounds to apply (and especially encourage females to consider the profession) which has been accounted for through the design and the information presented:


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