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We've all heard customer service stories where if you give a person a great experience, they will probably tell a handful of people. But, give that same person a bad experience, and they'll tell twice or three times as many people.

Well, not only is it true, we also think it's no different with graduate recruitment, and if anything the problem is more acute.

In the competitive job market graduates now face, simple mathematics dictate you'll be saying 'no' (or should that be 'no thanks') to a lot more people than you will have ever done before.

And we believe it is the many you say 'no' to that could have just as much impact on your business as the few you say 'yes' to. Don't take our word for it. Recent research found 25% of job seekers felt they had been treated badly by potential employers at the recruitment stage. It this wasn't bad enough, half of them said they would stop buying goods and services from that company, while a whopping 55% said they would tell three or more people about their perceived poor treatment.

And that's the issue. Even if you think you're doing a great job, opinion is everything.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Our solution to this is our Graduate Candidate Opinion Survey – an online tool designed to give you invaluable feedback from unsuccessful and successful candidates about how they found the recruitment experience.

And of course, our experts can help you design the right questions – those that will genuinely tease out real views and real praise from real pain!

Key Benefits

  • Find out what candidates really think about your organisation
  • Retain your candidates as customers even if they are unsuccessful in the recruitment process
  • Improve your marketing strategy/brand proposition
  • Gain a measure of your recruiters' performance
  • Benchmark your selection process year on year or continuously throughout the year
  • Identify where you're exceeding/not meeting the expectations of the candidates (be that about speed of process, content of particular parts of the process, or implementation thereof
  • Gain an understanding of why candidates withdraw their applications, or turn down offers
  • Make your selection process more efficient
  • Solve your selection process resourcing issues
  • Gather independent evidence about the performance of your external suppliers involved in the selection process


On-line questionnaire

Results delivered via presentation or report(s)

Annual, quarterly or monthly reporting

Off-the-shelf or Bespoke

Options available:

  • Off-the-shelf survey customisable to meet your organsiation's specific needs
  • Customisable reporting of results
  • Yes – can be branded

Find Out More

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Case Studies

e-on Candidate Oipnion Survey. Click here to learn more

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