"How to Recruit" Workshop


All of us are touched by recruitment in some shape or form, whether it be commissioning or delivering recruitment processes, or being on the receiving end. Whilst we've all experienced recruitment, there's an assumption that people should know what good recruitment looks like without ever having been told or guided. We challenge this assumption and this is where our 'How to Recruit' workshop comes in.

The workshop has been designed for individuals or teams who have responsibility for recruitment but who feel as if they could be doing a better job. You might be struggling to attract people to your organisation, feel you're making lousy selection decisions or suffering from high levels of attrition. All these issues can be addressed by getting intelligent recruitment processes in place and by having the right skills in-house to deliver them. This workshop will help you achieve this.

Key Benefits

Improves the effectiveness of your recruitment processes by providing you with the skills and practical understanding of the following:



Off-the-shelf or Bespoke

Both off-the-shelf and bespoke options are available

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