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If there's one thing that's definitely changed about the job market today, it's the fact that as soon as roles are advertised companies are instantly swamped by an ever-rising wave of applicants.

And yet the one thing that hasn't changed is the need for all these people to still be properly assessed – making sure that the golden nugget isn't lost amongst the mix. All of which means that finding the right people is simply becoming a taller order. Companies are buckling. They simply don't have the time (or money) to cope with rising applicant volumes.

Our answer to this is Mendas' 'Mini Assessment Centres' – these have the same assessment rigour they would normally expect to see on longer assessment days with fewer people.

Key Benefits

We can free companies from this strain of finding the right people. We recently recognised that clients increasingly needed a way of processing more people and seeing them in real-life workplace situations, bringing to life the content they have put in their application form.

The solutions we come up with genuinely do sort the wheat from the chaff, in a cost-effective, efficient way. Not surprising really; they are found (based on sound workplace theory) to be a much better fit in person than their CV might suggest.


These are events where up to 30 candidates can be rigorously assessed per day, by each going through a specially designed role play and online situational judgment test that are faster, but in no-way dilute the results.

The PC-based test (comprising 16-20 questions) recreates specific work situations; we measure candidates' responses to the specific scenarios we know will reveal their true modus-operandi, their behaviours that dovetail with the specific competencies employers are recruiting for. Short role-plays follow hot on its heels to make sure candidates are given the opportunity to shine with our professional actor facilitators.

In combination, the results of both tests are proved to be an excellent predictor of how high-scoring applicants will positively respond and flourish with the sort of everyday work pressures they can expect to encounter when they start the job.

Off-the-shelf or Bespoke

More and more clients are welcoming the insight these tests provide. The secret is all in the preparation. Our specialist team of business psychologists will devote hours of time upfront, working with clients to understand the smallest details about the demands, traits and competencies they need for the specific jobs they are recruiting for and design a bespoke assessment centre to facilitate this.

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Mini Assessment Centres. Click here to learn more

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