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We know it, you know it. In fact there's simply no denying it. Businesses seem to need staff that can demonstrate ever more flexibility and therefore an ever-increasing number of competencies.

There's nothing wrong with this, of course, until you actually have to begin selecting people against them. Let's face it, trying to work out who is best, and what skills they bring to the party, can be a difficult process.

So how can it be simplified, and engage with job applicants, whilst still allowing you to identify the right talent?

Recently, more and more recruiters are turning to online Work Scenario Tests to solve this problem.

Key Benefits

While they can't promise to reduce the sheer numbers of applicants beating a path to your door, what a Work Scenario Test will do is arm you with the information you need to make sure you only invite in the people that will genuinely make a difference.

They're based on what we all instinctively know – that some things can be taught (that's the stuff you don't need to worry so much about), but that some things cannot, because that's just the way people are.

Our tests take this to a more scientific-level, by allowing you to identify the people you know will flourish because of the way they think and behave when faced with particular situations. This is what lies at the heart of a Work Scenario Test.


These tests are tough, set against the clock, and are deliberately designed to probe and force applicants to prioritise different courses of action. They don't test knowledge, but thought processes. In this sense, these tests do so much more than traditional psychometric tests because they objectively assess a wide range of key qualities and do so by simulating the sorts of scenarios an applicant might come up against in the job itself. What could be more valid than that?

Cut the number of people you want to interview by testing them on actions not words. Why risk hiring someone that says they do something in a job interview, but would really do something rather different in the real world?

Off-the-shelf or Bespoke

Our tests are bespoke and we'll work with you to:

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