Values Based Recruitment

It sounds like a buzz-word, but quite simply, this is the practice of seeing how an individual’s attitude and motives align with the requirements of a job.

It’s almost second nature when recruiting, but being psychologists, we know that it hold’s a lot more sway than many may think.

Here’s how other people might evaluate a candidate. . .

Figure 1: Typical Experienced-based recruitment

Figure 1
  • Candidates are judged very heavily on past experience
  • Any consideration of their values is passively looking at a lack of negative ones, rather than an abundance of positive ones - not very forward thinking!

Figure 2: Typical Competency-based recruitment

Figure 2
  • Here, there is far more of a slant on the proof of past competencies
  • And again, no proactive focus on values - the things that really make an employee tick!

Figure 3: The Mendas approach to recruitment

Figure 3
  • We want to find well-rounded individuals, so we don’t slant our selection criteria one way or the other
  • Positive values are vital to demonstrating suitability to a role
  • We make it easier to find a candidate who’s values align with your company’s
  • We, as scientists, give more credence to cognitive capacity too - is a person intellectually matched to the role you're looking to fill?
  • We understand that positive values aren’t everything, but they’re on a par with other leading criteria
  • We know that our system studies a candidate as a whole and balanced employment opportunity, leaving nothing overlooked

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