Our Values

We believe that organisations hardly tap into any of the amazing potential and capability of their people that will enable them to achieve their ends.

And so what gets us out of bed in the morning is a desire to enrich the lives of those we work with and improve society through creating more effective organisations.

Four values guide the way we seek to achieve this:

Power of Psychology

We believe in the power of psychology

All of our products and services are evidence-based and underpinned by psychological research and techniques

People before Processes

We put people before processes

We believe in putting the person at the heart of what we do; we work with people, rather than doing things to people. A good working relationship with clients, colleagues and other stakeholders is one of the driving forces behind Mendas.

We do what is right not what is easy

We aim to get to the heart of an issue before offering a solution and we never step back from challenging a client to get behind the problem they initially presented. We do not take shortcuts in our work, as we realise the importance of putting in the necessary groundwork before delivering a project. When the stakes are high, our clients welcome this conscientiousness, as in the long run it ensure that the solution really does meet the needs of all concerned.

There's always a Better Way

There is always a better way: if it ain’t broke, we ask ‘have we shaken it hard enough?’

We always strive to innovate with the aim of developing solutions that best meet the needs of our clients. Our approach combines originality, pragmatism and a rigorous evidence base. We are never afraid of taking a new approach.

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